In addition to tuition loan funding, the SLB also provides additional assistance under its specially designed Grant-In-Aid (GIA) programme. The GIA is a specified- non repayable sum offered to eligible applicants to assist them with the funding of school related expenses. Only full-time students qualify for Grant-In-Aid.
The assessment for the Grant-in-Aid is done through the Means Test which assesses the applicant’s level of need. Beneficiaries do not need to apply for a Grant- in- Aid. The award of a GIA is automatic if the applicant is assessed as being eligible.
When an applicant is approved for a grant, the SLB sends the total sum to the relevant tertiary institutions. The Grant sum is disbursed in two payments (one per semester). It is the school’s responsibility to remit the grant sum to students during the course of the school year.
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