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  • After I have submitted my application for a loan can I change the school of choice, program or enrolment status? Answer
  • Are there any penalties for early payment on a student loan? Answer
  • Can a retired person stand as a guarantor? Answer
  • Can I apply for a student loan if I am a guarantor who has signed for an SLB applicant? Answer
  • Can I receive another student loan to do a second degree? Answer
  • Do I have to apply each year to SLB for a loan? Answer
  • Do students benefit from any other service in addition to tuition? Answer
  • Do you fund Postgraduate programmes? Answer
  • Do you lend to persons who are not considered needy? Answer
  • Does SLB offer loans to students studying abroad? Answer
  • Explain your evaluation process and the procedure an applicant goes through to get the loan. Answer
  • How can I avoid the last minute rush to submit my application? Answer
  • How can I ensure speedy disbursement of my loan? Answer
  • How can I repay my student loan? Answer
  • How many locations do you have? Answer
  • How much do I pay for insurance? Answer
  • Is there a limit on the number of loans I may receive? Answer
  • Trace the development of the Students' Loan Bureau, providing information about its function and source of funding as a financial institution. Answer
  • What are some of the possible reasons for disqualification? Answer
  • What are the terms of repayment? Answer
  • What does it mean when a student loan is conditionally approved? Answer
  • What happens if I do not complete my course of study in the stipulated time? Answer
  • What happens if my account is in default? Answer
  • What is the age limit on borrowing? Answer
  • What is the rate of interest on Student Loans? Answer
  • What kind of programmes do you have in place, which are geared to towards public education? Answer
  • What makes an individual eligible for a student loan? Answer
  • What measures are in place to ensure repayment? Answer
  • What of the SLB and the future? Answer
  • What percentage of tuition do you fund? Answer
  • What will happen if I decide to discontinue my course of study or have to repeat a year? Answer
  • When and how does one apply? Answer
  • When do I start repaying? Answer
  • When will the funds be sent to the school? Answer
  • Who can be a guarantor? Answer
  • Who can be a guarantor? Answer
  • Who is a delinquent? Answer
  • Who is the primary borrower of the loan? Answer
  • Why do I need two guarantors? Answer
  • Why do i pay insurance? Answer
  • Will the SLB fund a programme if an applicant is not fully matriculated? Answer
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