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Path Benefit
SLB Benefits...

Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education- PATH Beneficiaries

Applicants under the PATH programme are exempted from the guarantor requirements and the customary application fee is waived. All PATH beneficiaries are also offered grants to assist with school-related expenses such as books, transportation and meals.

Student loan financing
Public Sector Worker Benefit
SLB Benefits...

Children of Public Sector workers

Applicants who are children of public sector workers will receive 1% reduction in the interest rate for the loans in moratorium (in-school) and in repayment. Additionally, a 35% discount will be applied to the loan application processing fee.

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JAMVAT Benefit
SLB Benefits...

Jamaica Values & Attitude Programme (JAMVAT)

The SLB partners with the Ministry of Education Youth & Information to provide financial assistance to students pursuing tertiary level education. Beneficiaries receive 30% of their tuition cost from the MOE’s JAMVAT programme for 200 hours of voluntary service whilst the SLB offers loans for the remaining 70% of the tuition cost.

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Good Standing Benefits
SLB Benefits…

Good Standing Benefits result in 2% reduction in the interest rates for :In-school students who achieve and maintain a GPA of 2.5 and above
• Customers who maintain a current status on their loan account in repayment (that is, 0-30 days in arrears)

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S.T.E.M Programmes
SLB Benefits…

S.T.E.M Programmes

Students who are pursuing programmes under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M) umbrella will receive their loans at 6% for the Targeted Loan solution. This will be applied during the moratorium and repayment phases.

Student loan financing
SLB Benefits…

SLB’s Grant Programme (Grant-in-Aid)

Students may be eligible for a SLB grant valued at $60,000.00. This is non-repayable and is intended to assist with school-related expenses. Conditions apply.

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Wards of the State
SLB Benefits…

Wards of the State

Applicants who are wards of the state are exempted from the guarantor requirements. Additionally, they are not required to pay any application fee.

Student loan financing
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The Students’ Loan Bureau remains committed to our customers during this challenging period

Students’ Loan Bureau is here for you.

Over the past 50 years, the SLB has distributed approximately $51 billion in loans to 330,000 beneficiaries and paid out  $1.9 billion in Grants-in-Aid.

Thousands of people have achieved personal and professional development through funding provided by the SLB to cover tuition and academic related expenses.


Your satisfaction is key to our success, here are some common questions we receive.

SLB only offers funding for course being pursued locally or regionally (campuses of the UWI St. Augustine, Cave Hill or The Bahamas).

The SLB offers loans to everyone pursuing tertiary level education at any of the Approved Tertiary Institutions.  We offer three different loan products, Targeted, Pay As You Study (PAYS) and PostGraduate (PostGrad). 

The PAYS and PostGrad loans are offered to individuals who can commence repayment immediately. Please visit the Loans tab to see product details and  more information.

The application cycle begins each year between January and April. Application forms are completed electronically on the SLB’s website- Applicants must read all instructions carefully before completing the form, and then submit the supporting documents requested by the Bureau. Applicants will only need one person who will consent to guarantee their loan. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Bureau if they require additional information.

Apply early. Ensure that you complete and submit the application and supporting documents well before a month of the deadline.

An Approved Tertiary Institution (ATI) is one wherein approval is granted through the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) to offer programmes of study.  The UCJ functions essentially as an accrediting, awards and academic development body for degree, diploma and certificate programmes proposed and developed at approved higher education institutions.

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    The Post Graduate loan facility covers funding for Post Diploma, Master’s and Doctorate Degree programmes.

    Targeted Loan

    The most popular SLB loan is the Targeted Loan. Under the Targeted Loan, repayment is scheduled to commence after graduation.


    SLB applicants who are from PATH or low-income households or are Wards of the State may be eligible to receive an annual grant of $60,000.