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Required Documents ( first time applicant )

Required Documents:

  1. One certified passport size photograph.
  2. Letters of recommendation from two of the following persons (not necessary if a SLB loan was received in the last academic year):
    • Justice of the Peace (JP)
    • School principal
    • Employer
    • Lecturer
    • Minister of Religion or an Attorney-at-Law
  3. Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN). TRN card or the slip issued by TRN Office must be presented.
  4. Student identification card (enrolled students only).
  5. PATH registration card for households registered under the PATH scheme.
  6. Identification of applicant by means of a copy of birth certificate, certified by a Justice of the Peace, along with photographic identification such as a passport, driver's licence or voter's identification.
  7. Income verification for all employed members of the household.
  8. Methods of income verification include:
  9. letter from employer;
  10. last three (3) pay slips;
  11. letter from Justice of the Peace, in the case of self-employed persons;
  12. current audited accounts from household members who operate/own a business
  13. For persons who are employed to basic schools that are governed by the Ministry of Education (MOE), they wlil be required to submit the last 3 payslips as well as a job letter from the school.
  14. For households where there is no employed resident, a letter indicating same is required from a Justice of the Peace (JP).
  15. Letter of acceptance from the tertiary institution (new and transfer students only); or certification of examination results, in the case of students who were enrolled in the tertiary institution in the preceding academic year.

If you are applying to University/ College as a new student, you can bring in the acceptance letter as soon as you have received it from the institution. However, all other documents as outlined above must be brought in on your specified appointment date.

NB:  The SLB only funds applicants who are fully matriculated to a course of study. If a programme requires that a student is to complete pre-requisites or courses/ additional subjects in order to be fully enrolled as a tertiary level student in the institution, the SLB will not fund the period/ year in which the student is completing the pre-requisites.  It must be noted that if your acceptance letter indicates that you are "Conditionally Accepted" or you are required to enter into "General Studies" or you can enter the programme "Pending" a grade in a particular subject, you are considered by the SLB to have not fully matriculated and as such will not be funded through the SLB.

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